About Us


Beyond the Turquoise Door

Meet Cindy:

Cindy is a new arrival to the neighborhood, moving here in March 2015.  She quickly zeroed in on the Painted Door neighborhood and fell in love.  Living behind the turquoise door Cindy’s interests are broad and include DIY home improvement, crafting, inventing cocktails and playing with Wednesday (Winnie!) her adorable ginger Paperanian.


Beyond the Red Door


Meet Erin:

Erin is the first to arrive in the Painted Door neighborhood.  She moved here from Seattle with her bearded husband and her little boy to start a new life. After finding this wonderful place she established her own crafting room and was off and running.  Behind the red door, Erin’s interests include making clothing, crafts and drinking cocktails invented by Cindy.


Beyond the Yellow Door


Meet Sarah:

Sarah and her husband moved to the Painted Door neighborhood shortly before her daughter started kindergarten. Sarah is the original architect of the ThroughThePaintedDoor.com community. Combining her passion of cooking, crafting and computer arts she took the time to learn the ins and outs of blogging.  We are all still learning (mostly from Sarah) of how to let you, the reader, into our neighborhood and let you get a glimpse of how we do what we love.