Nightstand Makeover

Instant gratification!  It’s my middle name.  Ok, fine, my middle name is really Sean, but my mom didn’t know me quite as well at the time it was bestowed.  Sean is pretty.  Instant gratification is Keep Reading

Finding Design Inspiration

A new house is an amazing thing.  It’s exciting and exhilarating and full of promise and possibilities.  The remodeling!  The decorating!  The dreaming!  And then there’s the doing, which can be utterly overwhelming, and bring Keep Reading

First Impressions

What does your front door say about you?  Are you modern?  Traditional?  Quirky?  Run down?  In need of a little face lift?  Or, a complete makeover? I was! Your front door is your home’s first Keep Reading

Schoolhouse Glassware (Enter the Chalkboard Paint)

I admit it, I am crushing on some glassware, and crushing hard!  Apparently in the land where beer is discussed, photographed, and sipped with a palette able to discern the minutest distinction in hop, the Keep Reading

First time gardener and I might just have a green thumb...

I’ve been in Oregon now for almost 4 years and every year I say ‘this is the year I will have a garden!’ and every year there is no garden. Until this year! My husband Keep Reading