Nightstand Makeover

Instant gratification!  It’s my middle name.  Ok, fine, my middle name is really Sean, but my mom didn’t know me quite as well at the time it was bestowed.  Sean is pretty.  Instant gratification is much more apt.  So, while long-term remodels and ongoing projects can be fun, (just ask Sarah and Erin who were laying across my countertop just last night for a Girls who Grout party) sometimes a down and dirty project that nets results in about an hour is just what I am looking for.  This project is about as easy as they come.  Take  furniture in need of a facelift.  Add a couple of cans of spray paint in a fun color.  Apply, and voila!  One set of brand new, very posh if I do say so myself, nightstands.

nightstand facelift makeover

I had had my eye on these puppies at the antique mart for quite some time.  They were stashed amongst a coffee table and a couple of chess boards and were screaming out for some love.  As is usual when contemplating a purchase, I initially left them behind.  Gone, but not forgotten, my mind kept pinging back to their carved details and glass tops, imagining a myriad of colors and uses that would make them pop.  Moving along with my hectic life, and bugging everyone I knew with the question, “Carved mahogany nightstands, they need to come home to my house in a cute color, right?”, I let fate decide.  If they were still there when I had the time to go back to the antique mart, they were mine.  And, a much longer time than I anticipated later, when I turned the corner . . . there they were.  Waiting for me to come and pluck them from antique mart obscurity.

Knowing that I needed new nightstands.  Well, knowing that I needed any nightstands, I decided these were perfect bedroom material.  Now, for the all important color.  While contemplating my table purchase, I had fallen in love with some jade green lamps, now in need of a perch.  So, off to the hardware store to peruse the spray paint aisle.  With the amount of carved detail on these tables, I figured spray painting was the way to go.  It’s not my favorite form of painting.  In fact it is pretty far down on the list.  But it is quick and effective, and would get the job done with relative ease.  And I discovered, . . . it has been way too long since I spray painted.  The colors now available are quite impressive.  I was able to pick up a few cans in a color called midnight surf.  A darker jade that I believed would pop against my gray wall and complement my new jade lamps.

using spray paint to give old furniture new life. instant makeover, a nightstand facelift.

If you are a spray paint newbie, jump on in, it’s pretty simple.  You do want to take a minute to do some prep work, however.  You will need:  1.  Your supplies.  Check!  2.  A tarp and/or cardboard to protect everything you do not want sprayed.  Check!  3.  Garbanzo beans.  Check!  Ok, that one does sound crazy, but when painting something with feet, you want to make sure you are able to spray all the way down and around.  Using cans to elevate your project works great!  And, 4.  A non-rainy, non-windy day.  Ummmmm.  Ummmmm.  Here in the pacific northwest, that can be a hard box to check, especially this time of year.  Depending on your climate, you may have to adjust your timing for this project.  Check the back of your can for appropriate conditions.  You really do want to be outside.  Ventilation is key and not to be taken lightly.

using spray paint to give old furniture new life. instant makeover, a nightstand facelift.

Another tip is to spray lightly and do several coats.  This is a struggle for me.  (Ahem, see instant gratification above.)  I want to dive right in and see the color.  Sadly, that path can lead only to drips and unevenness.  Not the smooth, even, powder coating you are looking for.  Mist lightly at first.  Step away, wait 5 minutes, and mist again.  Continue until you reach your desired saturation level.  The paint only takes about 45 minutes to dry before you can put it in place and dress it up.  One, complete, nightstand makeover in about an hour.

Ahhhhhh, instant design gratification!

using spray paint to give old furniture new life. instant makeover, a nightstand facelift.


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