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Welcome to the busiest travel season! We are all about to load into our cars and vans and head off to see the ones we love. In the tech world we live in there are no shortage of digital things for kiddos to do on the car trip.  If, however, you have a child like mine, who gets a digital hangover and becomes a tech beast consider some of these Car Trip Travel Games instead.  Car Trip Travel Games bring the family together as a fun shared activity and passes the time while making memories while skipping the zombie tech attitude I usually get with my child’s over exposure.

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  1. Car Bingo: I have created a fun, free printable for car bingo.  This printable if fun for everyone with picture cues, early level reading words and more challenging words for older or eager readers.  Travel Games at
  2. Color Graph: Over at Not Inadequate you will find some nifty printable graphs. My favorite is this color graph.  Originally a “Slug Bug” graph, I took the liberty of turning it into a color hunt game.  The last thing I want is to get slugged by a 5 year old on a 4 hour car trip…. ‘Oh, no you didn’t!’ Travel Games at
  3. Mamma Wants A Maserati! : Go to ThatsWhatCheSaid  to get your kids familiar with Auto Branding.  I think this could be fun because, unlike ‘find a cow!’, this activity would take lots of concentration and sharp eyes!Travel Games at
  4.  Matching Pole: I use this word sparingly, genius. That is JUST what this is.  Way to go TestyYetTrying! This activity combines all of the things kids love! Stickers? Check! Bright Colors? Check! Matching? Check! Playing with Trash? Check!!!

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   5.   Calming Find It Bottle: I love the commercial version of this game.  It is my go to EVERY time we are waiting for my son to be called back to the dentist chair.  I am obsessed with finding all the little things and I think my son would be too (if I ever game him a turn!). Find the how-to at LadyBehindTheCurtain.

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   6.   Clock Watcher: NeatNestOrganizing has a great idea with this easy and fun way to pass the time.  Put sticky notes below the cars clock with times written on them.  As the clock ticks by the anticipation builds! When the times match the surprise is up to you! A trinket from the dollar store? A new car activity? A treat?!

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   7.   Chalk It Up To Fun: HomeSweetHomeBodies reminds us just how fun and easy (and washable) chalk is.

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  8.  You’re My Funny Face:   This is going to be a winner in my house (I mean car…).  Funny face?! Mustache? Spectacles and Top Hat!? YESSSSSSS!!!!

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    8.   Stick To Me Kid: Dr. Mom over at PlayDrHutch brings back the good ol’ metal lunch boxes to serve two purposes; storage container and playscape! We have a box of dino magnets that will do just right!

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   9.   Two Words: Aluminum Foil

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(thank you MomsMiniVan!)

  10.   When all else fails….


BrightHorizons reminds us that there is no ONE way to parent.  There are plenty of educational or just play fun games to pass the time on technology.  As a parent the biggest lesson I have had to learn over and over is that you just have to do what you have to do when you have to do it to get through.

 Happy Holidays Painted Door Neighbors and safe travels!